Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Church of Bones

The story begins in 1218, when a certain Abbot Henry made a pilgrimage to the holy land and brought back a jar full of soil from cemetery, which he spread over the Church. As a result the church came to be regarded as more sacred and turned into a popular burial spot .By 1318, more than 30,000 bodies were buried there and by 1511, it had become necessary to remove the older bones to make place for the new ones. These later became the material for the macabre creations.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and how about 70 kilometers east the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, lies a small town called Sedlec. It might have been an ordinary enough town, if not for its extraordinary church.The inside of this church is decorated with artworks made of real human bones.

In 1870 a local woodcarver was hired by the Duke of Shwartzenberg to decorate the inside of the church with the human remains (approximately 40,000 sets of human bones). Now it is one of the most extraordinary church in the whole world.... Boney Church - isn't it morbidly amazing??? Attached are some of the pictures of this Boney Church - its simply astonishing

From the Queen of Bones, "karren fajardo" ,
Fri, 23 Mar 2007

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